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Nabil Faysal

Hi, I'm Nabil Faysal. Welcome to my profile!

Nabil Faysal's Bio:

I'm a geek, web and mobile app developer with a an entrepreneur spirit, occasional tech blogger and internet marketing nerd. I've grew up between Australia and Lebanon to finally settle in Beirut, my favorite city in the whole world. I'm passionate about geeks, tech, and entrepreneurship. I love creating beautiful mobile apps and classy websites. I enjoy helping and assisting other entrepreneurs and would love from you if you need any help. Ping me here with questions and I promise not to mark you as spam. As Nabil Faysal, I promise you will benefit from my advice.

Nabil Faysal's Experience:

Nabil Faysal's Education:

Nabil Faysal's Interests & Activities:

Snowboarding, coding, chess playing, golfing

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